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Adding things to the map

  • How can I write a review for a place?

    You can write your own review of a place and share your experience with everyone on HERE.

    Select More details in the information box of the place. If the place already has some reviews, you can see a link to add your own. If there are no reviews for this place yet, you see a prompt to be the first to create one. Select the link, and follow the next prompts.

  • How can I add a photo for a place to HERE?

    In the info box pointing to the place on the map, select More details. On the place's details page, just click on the camera, then choose the photo you want to add.

    If there are no photos shown, why not be the first to add some? Again, just click on the camera, then choose a photo.

    Please make sure you own or have permission to use any photos you add to HERE.

  • What is Map Creator?

    Map Creator lets you add streets and roads in more than 100 countries on HERE. You can also change the map and make corrections if you find something wrong.

    With Map Creator, you can describe what type of road you’re adding and include info about the surface condition, how well the road is lit, how fast you can drive on it, if it’s a one- or two-way street and much more.

  • How can I see the changes people have made to the map?

    To see the changes people have made using Map Creator, select Community in the Map view drop-down menu.

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