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  • What are collections?

    Collections are your personal record of the places and routes you want to remember or quickly find again on HERE. Like music playlists, you can organize what you've collected the way you want. See your collections on your computer, your tablet or your phone - they're always synced!

  • What happened to my Favorites?

    All the Favorites you saved on are now on You can find them as unsorted items in your collections and organize them by clicking on ‘Manage’.

  • How can I create a new collection?

    Create a new collection by clicking Collect next to a place or route on HERE. Once you’ve saved it, click Manage to organize it in a new collection.

    To help you remember what the collection is about, you can also add a description.

  • How can I delete a collection?

    Click the Delete collection link next to the collection name. We’ll ask you to confirm that you want to delete it. Once the collection is deleted, you can only restore it by creating it again.

    Items that weren’t saved in any other collection will be moved to your list of unsorted items.

  • How can I rename a collection?

    In your collections list, move your pointer over the one you want to rename and select View collection. Then click the little pencil next to the collection name and change the text.

  • How do I add or remove places or routes from collections?

    Click Manage next to an item. To add or remove it from a collection, select or deselect the item. You can also create a new collection here.

  • How can I rename a place or route I’ve collected?

    Click Manage next to the place or route. You’ll see a box with its name in large letters at the top. Move your pointer over the name, and a little pencil will appear. Click on the pencil and change the name.

  • What happens to a place or route I've saved but didn't put into a collection?

    Places and routes you collect automatically appear in your list of unsorted items. Click Manage to organize them in collections.

  • How can I see my collected items on the map?

    Just click on a collection. The list on the left shows all that you saved in that collection, and you'll also see their locations on the map.

  • Can I add a place or route to more than one collection?

    Yes. Select all the collections you want an item to be saved in when you’re collecting it, and then click ‘Done’.

    You can do this again any time by clicking ‘Manage’.

  • Can I view my collections on my phone or tablet?

    Yes. Just go to HERE Maps on your device (make sure you're logged in so everything gets automatically synced), and you'll be able to see all your collected items. If you have a Nokia Lumia, open the Nokia Maps app. You can also collect more places using your device and see them next time you log in on

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