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Exploring places

  • How can I see more detailed info about a place?

    In the info box pointing to the place on the map - or, in the list of search results - select More details to find out more about the place.

    You can see additional info from various sources, such as TripAdvisor. The availability, language, and amount of content provided can differ widely from place to place.

    For example, you may find a detailed description of the place, a photo gallery, contact info, reviews or links to similar places.

  • What is the 'Explore places' feature?

    When you explore a neighborhood or street at lower zoom levels, and you select Features then check the box next to Explore places, you'll see little markers on the map. Every one of these shows the location of a business or public place that may be of interest to you.

    Point your mouse at a marker to see the name of the place located there. If you want to know more about the place, just click the marker.

  • What are heat maps and how do I use them?

    If you turn on the Explore places feature and look at a large area on the map (such as a whole city), you'll see the colorful heat hap. Just select Features, check Explore places and choose the kinds of places you want to see on the map:

    • Shopping
    • Eat and drink
    • Going out
    • Sights and museums

    The darker the color on the map, the more Places of that type there are in the area.

    With heat maps, you can quickly and easily find the most popular areas for these kinds of places, even in a city you've never visited before.

  • For which cities do you have heat maps?

    We’ve got heat maps for most of the world’s major cities.

    To name but a few: Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Vienna.

    And we’re always working to bring you heat maps for more cities.

  • How can I browse the places in a city or neighborhood?

    To take a look at what's around, you need to turn on Explore places.

    1. Zoom in to a city
    2. Click on Features in the top-right of the map
    3. Tick Explore places

    You'll now see little markers on the map. These show the location of a business or public place of interest.

    Point your mouse at a marker to see the name of the place located there. Click on the marker for more info.

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