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Getting directions and routes

  • How do I get driving, walking or public transportation directions?

    Select Directions at the top of the map and enter the starting point and destination (as well as any waypoints). Then select Get directions.

    You can also right-click anywhere on the map and select Directions from here or Directions to here to add a starting point or destination to your directions.

    You can also select Get directions in the info box pointing to a place on the map.

  • I want to see public transport lines, but I can't. Why not?

    We have public transportation info for hundreds of cities worldwide, and we're adding more cities all the time. If you can't see transportation lines for a certain city, we probably don't have info for that city yet. Also, some transportation lines may not show up on the map outside some city centers or beyond some city borders.

  • I can't get the directions I want. What could be the problem?

    Check the following:

    • Are you connected to the internet? You need to be in order to get directions with HERE.

    • Is your route really long? If you're trying to get directions between places that are very far apart (for example, between Stockholm and Madrid), or a route with many waypoints, you may need to hang on a bit longer while we get the route for you.

    • Are there roadways or paths between all your waypoints? If not, HERE can't get directions for you. For example, between New York City and London, there's quite a bit of water and no bridges, so no route.

  • Where are public transport directions available?

    You can get public transportation directions for a lot of cities and regions all over the world, and we’re constantly adding more.

    We always do our best to keep our public transportation info up-to-date and provide you with the most accurate routes and scheduling. For most cities, we can show you routes you can count on to get from A to B. In other cities and regions, we can show you the expected departure and arrival times for your trip using local transportation timetables.

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