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Getting started

  • What is HERE?

    HERE is the new name for Nokia Maps.

    With HERE, you can browse and explore places all over the world and:

    • Collect places and routes.
    • Search for addresses and places of interest, such as restaurants, hospitals and airports.
    • Share the places you find with your friends, or post them on your favorite social networking sites.
    • Get driving, walking and public transportation directions.
    • Explore cities and countries around the world with rich satellite imagery.
    • Add your own ratings, reviews and photos of places you've been.
    • See public transportation lines in hundreds of cities.
    • Sync your favorite places on with your phone.

    You don't need to download or install anything to use HERE.

  • How do I find a place – for example, a restaurant or other public place – on HERE?

    To find a place, type a search term into the search box. Be specific if you think there may be more than one result.

    For example:

    • Berlin Germany
    • Restaurants in New York
    • Mama Mia Pizzeria in London UK

    You’ll then see one or more possible matches. Select the one you want from the map or the list on the left-hand side to see more about the place.

  • I couldn’t find what I was searching for. What can I do?

    If you can't find what you're looking for:

    • Add a city or town to your search. There may be more than one place with the same name.
    • Check your spelling. HERE will try to guess what you mean, but correct spelling will make it more likely that you'll find what you're looking for.

  • I can't see the map. What can I do?

    To use HERE, you need:

    • A Windows PC with a recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (Note: HERE 3D is only available for Internet Explorer with a special plug-in), or
    • A Mac with a recent version of Safari, Firefox or Chrome.

    You’ll also need to turn on JavaScript in your web browser settings.

    If you still can’t see the map, clear your browser history, delete all cookies and restart your browser.

  • Does HERE work on smartphones and tablets?

    HERE works on just about any smartphone or tablet.

    If you have a Nokia Lumia or other Windows Phone device, you can install the Nokia Maps app from the Windows Phone Store. If you have an Android, iOS or Windows 8 device, just open a web browser in your device and go to

    You can also sync the places you collect on HERE with your phone. Make sure you've got the HERE Maps app installed.

    To find out if there's a HERE Maps app for your phone, and to download it, click here.

  • How do I change the look of the map?

    You can choose different ways to display the map:

    • Map view
    • 3D view
    • Satellite view
    • Terrain view
    • Community view

    To change the current map view, select the corresponding option on the top right-hand side of the map.

    To see public transportation lines, select the bus icon. If you're exploring one of the cities in which public transportation info is available on HERE, you'll see metro, subway, tram and rail lines, if the city offers all those modes of transportation.

  • How do I find my way around HERE Maps using the on-screen controls?

    You can find your way around HERE Maps with the on-screen controls, your mouse or your keyboard.

    Here's how to use HERE Maps with the on-screen controls:*

    • Use the slider on the map to zoom in and out. You can use the on-screen shortcuts to jump to country, state, city or street level.
    • Use the arrows to scroll around the map.
    • To see the map at street level, click on the image of the little man. Blue shading will appear on the screen where street-level pictures are available. Click on a blue area to 'drop' him there.
    • To look up, down and side-to-side (at street level), use the arrows inside the gray circle.
    • Move the N around the gray circle to look around you (at street level).
    • Click on the blue man to leave street level.
    • Click on the black spot next to 'Explore near your location' at the bottom center of the screen.

  • I’ve seen incorrect, duplicate, missing or out-of-date info for a place on HERE. What can I do?

    Shops and restaurants sometimes move or, sadly, go out of business. If you come across incorrect or missing info, please tell us. You can also suggest additional details, such as contact info or the web address of a place, so others can find out more about it, too.

    To report problems with a place, select More details in the info box pointing to the place on the map. Then select Report this place and follow the instructions.

    We double-check all proposed changes to place info, so you may not see yours right away.

  • Can I change the displayed language?

    HERE is available in 13 languages.

    Click My preferences at the top right of the screen (if you're signed in, you'll need to click on your name first), then choose your language from the drop-down list.

    Save changes* to confirm.

  • How do I find my way around HERE Maps using my mouse?

    You can find your way around HERE Maps with the on-screen controls, your mouse or your keyboard.

    To use HERE Maps with your mouse:*
    * To zoom in or out: double click with the left mouse button (to zoom in) or the right mouse button (to zoom out). Use can also use your mouse’s scroll wheel or right-click anywhere on the map and select Zoom in or Zoom out
    * To move left or right: hold down the left mouse button and drag the map around.
    * To tilt the map: hold down the right mouse button, then move up to increase the tilt angle or down to decrease it. (This works for all browsers except Safari.)
    * To rotate the map: hold down the right mouse button and move left or right.

  • How do I find my way around HERE Maps using my keyboard?

    You can find your way around HERE Maps with the on-screen controls, your mouse or your keyboard.

    Here's how to use HERE Maps with your keyboard:*

    • To move around the map, tap or hold the arrow keys.
    • To tilt the map, hold down the shift key and press the up/down arrows.
    • To rotate the map, hold down the shift key and press the left/right arrows.
    • To zoom, use the + or - key.

  • Which city or region will I see when I visit HERE and can I change it?

    When you come to, we guess roughly where you are (using your IP address) and show your location on the map. Otherwise, the map will center at a default location.

    You can set or change the default location any time:
    * Click the preferences icon at the top right corner of the screen:
    * Enter the location you want in the search field.
    * Select the right result.
    * Click the save button.

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