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  • Why don’t my edits appear instantly on HERE maps?

    Most community edits are true, detailed and confirm the dedication of our community members and their love for making accurate maps of their neighborhoods and towns. However, we do find a few questionable edits. (For example, the person who drew a motorway through their neighbor’s lawn.)

    We hope you agree, then, that there are good reasons for not yet specifying publishing turnaround times. When Map Creator is fully launched (it’s currently in beta release), our product managers will announce official update cycles for the HERE portal and mobile devices, and your edits will almost instantly appear in the HERE community view.

    We’re always looking for the best ways to validate community edits before we add them to our map. This is a big part of our quality assurance and responsibility for the maps we deliver to our customers.

  • What's the community view?

    The community view shows all map edits made with Map Creator.

    To turn on the community view, click on the “Choose view” drop down in the upper right corner of the map. Then click “Community”.

  • How can I report a problem with the map of a country that’s not yet available for editing?

    Go to Map Creator and navigate to the place where you’d like to report a problem. Then right-click and choose “Report map changes” from the menu. Choose the type of problem or change you’d like to make, giving as much detail as you can.

    We’ll check your report and add it and other reports and changes to the map. If you’ve sent us a report already, please be patient: it can take a while to process all the reports we receive and add the changes to HERE and mobile devices.

  • Why can’t I edit maps for all countries?

    It’s because Map Creator is still in ‘beta release’, so it isn’t yet a full-fledged product.

    The idea behind Map Creator is to make contributing to the map a fast, easy and rewarding experience for our community members. There have been many improvements to Map Creator so far, but we still have some way to go before we can call it a full product. We want to make sure we get it right, so please bear with us.

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