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  • How do I save places and organise them in HERE Maps for mobile web?

    Before making a journey, you may find it handy to save info about, for example, hotels, tourist attractions or petrol stations. You can also create collections from your saved places to keep them organised.

    Sign in with your Nokia or Facebook account. To sign in, tap the 'menu' icon, then the 'sign in' icon.

    1. Tap a location marker, or tap and hold a location on the map.
    2. Tap the pop-up.
    3. Tap the 'collect' icon.
    4. Save the place in an existing collection. Or tap Create new collection.

    Your saved places are synced automatically with your Nokia account, so you'll always have your collected places to hand.

    Tip: Plan a trip on your computer at Then sync saved places with your phone or tablet and you can take these places with you anywhere.

    View your collections

    Tap 'menu' icon > Collections.

    Add a saved place to a collection

    Tap 'menu' icon > Collections. Tap a collection, then Manage > Add items.

    Remove a saved place from a collection

    Tap 'menu' icon > Collections. Tap a collection, tap Manage, then remove the tick from the box next to the place.

    Delete a collection

    To remove an entire collection, tap Manage then Delete collection.

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