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  • How do I change the map view in HERE Maps for mobile web?

    To change map views, tap the 'map view' icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and select one of the following:

    Map view For a "cleaner" look

    Satellite view To get a feel for the lay of the land

    Public transport view Too see selected public transport services, such as metro or commuter railway routes

    Live traffic view The real-time traffic situation is shown as colour-coded lines

    Community view See maps created and updated by users all over the world. Please note that we need to moderate and validate the community map, but it is always available for you to view nonetheless.

    You can change from Kilometres to Miles easily. The blue highlight indicates which one is selected.

    You can also turn on the traffic incident feature by tapping the 'map view' icon , selecting the Traffic tab, and sliding the Traffic incidents bar to On. You can then customise the view to show the following:

    • Accidents
    • Construction
    • Congestion
    • Other

    To view details of an incident, tap the marker.

  • How do I use HERE Maps for mobile web offline?

    To save on data costs, especially when travelling, you can save an area of the map on your phone and use it without an internet connection.

    1. Choose the area to save and tap the 'menu' icon, then Save a map area
    2. Zoom in or out to adjust the size of the area to be saved

    View a saved area

    Tap the 'menu' icon then View your saved map.

    You can zoom in and out of the saved area, but you can only search and get routes with an internet connection. Searching and routing will be carried out on your downloaded map when you're connected to the internet, which means no new data is downloaded, and your data costs are lower.

  • I got the directions I wanted on HERE Maps for mobile web, but what if I prefer to see a list of manoeuvres rather than the route on the map?

    Tap the 'list' icon to see a list of turn-by-turn manoeuvres. If you want to go back to the full route overview on the map, just tap the 'list' icon again. (Note that it changes appearance depending on which view you're looking at.)

  • Can I see street addresses with house numbers on HERE Maps?

    Yes, in some cities. To see house numbers, zoom in to street level or tap and hold on a building on the map. Then tap the place bubble. You'll be able to see the full address and phone number.

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