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  • How can I share a place with someone by email or on social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)?

    To share a place with your friends or family, click the blue share icon in the info box pointing to the place on the map, or the one on the More details page. Sometimes you will also be offered Facebook or Twitter share buttons.

    From here, you can either copy the website address (URL) that directs your friends to that place or share the place straight to your favourite social networking site.

  • What does send to car do?

    With send to car, you can forward details for a place or a route to a car that has a built-in navigation system and is set up to work with the feature. Please note, not all cars are set up to work with send to car just yet.

    You can send as many place details and routes to as many cars as you like. Depending on the car, you can also send a short note with the info.

  • What's my car ID?

    The car ID is used to make sure that the places you send go to the designated car only.

    The car manufacturer provides the car ID, which is usually an email address or a vehicle identification number (VIN). If you need to find your car ID, please visit your car manufacturer's website, or contact them.

  • Why isn't the make of my car in the list?

    Several major car manufacturers already work with us to offer send to car in their vehicles. We're always trying to work with more, so you may be able to use send to car with your car make in the future.

  • Do I need to type in my car info every time I want to use send to car?

    No. Just sign in to your Nokia account before sending a place to your car, and your car's identifying info will be saved with your account so it'll be faster and easier to send a place next time.

  • I sent a place to my car, but it didn't show up. What's the problem?

    There could be a couple reasons for this:

    • There may be a set-up problem. Make sure your car's navigation system and internet connection are working properly and that you're using the correct car make and car ID.
    • Not all car models and navigation systems for some makes will work with "send to car", even if the manufacturer is included in the list on

    If you think neither of these is the culprit, try contacting your car's manufacturer to find out whether or not your car model and/or navigation system works with send to car.

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