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Syncing with your phone

  • How do I sync HERE with my phone?

    First, make sure the HERE Maps app is installed on your phone (If you have a Nokia Lumia, you already have HERE Maps.), and sign in to your Nokia account.

    Then follow these steps:

    • Open the HERE Maps app on your phone.
    • Tap my places (the star below the map).
    • Your list of saved places will be updated automatically and will show up as favorites. (At the moment, routes can't be synced.)

    If you add to or change your saved places on your phone or on, your most recent changes will be saved in both places after the next sync.

    Remember that using HERE Maps on your phone may send data through your cellular service provider’s network. Contact them if you want to find out about related costs, if any.

  • How do I change my sync settings?

    To change your sync settings:

    • Open HERE Maps on your phone.
    • Select Options > Settings > Synchronisation, or the tool icon and Synchronisation, depending on your device.
    • Change the settings.

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