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Changing the look of the map

  • I don't want to see buildings in 3D in HERE Maps for Windows 8.1. How can I change the view?

    HERE Maps always shows buildings in 3D, and that can't be changed. However, if you zoom out far enough, you won't see the buildings in 3D.

  • How do I zoom in or out in HERE Maps for Windows 8.1?

    Place 2 fingers on the map, and slide your fingers apart or together.

    If you'd rather use the + and - to zoom in or out, switch on the zoom controls. Swipe in from the right of the screen, tap Settings > Map options, and switch Zoom controls to On.

  • What can I do if HERE Maps for Windows 8.1 appears doubled or distorted on my PC?

    You could try turning off the stereoscopic effect for your graphic card. To do this for an NVIDIA graphic card, open the control panel in Windows 8.1 and, under Set up stereoscopic 3D, turn the setting off.

    Also, make sure you've got the most current graphic card driver installed on your PC.

  • How do I tilt the map?

    To tilt the map, place two fingers on the map and push upwards.

  • How can I return to 2D view after I've tilted the map?

    To go back to 2D view from 3D, swipe down the screen using two fingers.

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