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  • In HERE Maps for Windows 8.1, why is there a green circle around the place I'm currently in?

    If accurate positioning data isn't available, a green circle around the location dot shows the area you're probably in. In densely populated areas the accuracy is better, so the green circle is smaller.

    If HERE Maps can't find your location, it marks your last known location with a grey dot.

  • How do I change my default location?

    You can change your default location when you first open HERE Maps. When asked for your default location, select Change and enter the name of your default location.

    Sometimes, HERE Maps locates you in a place other than the one you're at. You can change your location later on by tapping on the green dot on the map and selecting Edit location, then searching for your location or moving the map to the new area.

    To recentre the map at your current location, tap the green dot again, and under your position is set, choose Automatically.

  • Can I share a location between my tablet and a smartphone with HERE Maps on Windows 8.1?

    Yes, you can. To share a place in HERE Maps on Windows 8.1, go to Explore, select a place on the map or from the list, swipe up from bottom of the screen and select Share. You can share a place e.g. via e-mail which you can then open on any other device, e.g. your smartphone. Note that the experience varies according to the platform of your target device.

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