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  • How does City Lens use my current location?

    With your permission, City Lens attempts to obtain your current location and use this to show you more relevant content.

    Your current location is never accessed without your explicit permission, and it is never used for any purpose other than to provide you relevant content within City Lens. Nokia/Here does not store, save, send, or process your location information in any other way. For more information, check out the Privacy Policy.

  • I don't see a lot of places in my location in City Lens. Why is that?

    City Lens uses the Places registry, which is constantly being updated with new data. We hope your location will be updated soon.

  • What city or region is shown when I start City Lens? Can I change it?

    When City Lens starts up, your current location is determined, and the places in that location are shown in the camera viewfinder, in a list, or on the map. You cannot see places in another city.

    The only exception to this is the famous places category, which shows predefined famous places from around the world.

  • Can I add a place in City Lens if one is missing?

    There is currently no way to add places to the system if one is missing from your current location.

  • How do I delete a search in City Lens?

    Select and hold the search entry, then select remove.

  • How do I share a place with someone else in City Lens?

    Select a place, then select the share icon at the bottom of the screen and how you want to share the place.

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