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  • What changes will there be to the HERE Drive navigation license after the Cyan software update?

    A free global navigation license upgrade will be added to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices and other Windows Phone 8 devices that currently have HERE Drive installed.

    The change applies to Nokia Lumia 520, 521, 525, 526, 625, 720 and 1320. Simply install the Lumia Cyan software update and make sure you have the latest HERE Drive version in your phone.

    For Nokia Lumia phones with HERE Drive+ already installed, there will be no change to the navigation license as they already offer global navigation.

  • Why doesn't HERE Drive show green-coloured roads where there's idle traffic?

    It could be that you're zoomed in too close on the map. Zoom out some, and the green-coloured roads will appear again.

  • Why do I get the error that navigation not available in my country when trying to start navigation in HERE Drive?

    Navigation is currently available in 99 countries. To see which countries they are, have a look at this list of supported countries.

  • What is the difference between HERE Maps and HERE Drive?

    HERE Drive is an application for voice-guided turn-by-turn driving navigation. HERE Maps is a map application which shows your current position and interesting places around you. You can also plan routes in HERE Maps but the app will launch HERE Drive for turn-by-turn navigation

  • Why can't I see street addresses with house numbers in my city in HERE Drive?

    Street addresses with house numbers are not available in HERE Drive. If you like, you can try HERE Maps, where street addresses with house numbers are available in selected cities.

  • How can I get HERE Drive back if I have accidentally removed it from my Windows Phone?

    If you have accidentally uninstalled the HERE Drive or HERE Drive+ app from your device, you can re-install it from Microsoft Store:

    • In your phone, start Store.
    • Browse in Nokia collection or search for HERE Drive or HERE Drive+ and install the application.

    Note that if your phone had initially HERE Drive version and you have purchased an upgrade to HERE Drive+, you don't need to purchase the app again. All of your Windows Phone app purchases are tied to your Microsoft account. You can download and re-install any app you've purchased by logging in to the Windows Phone Store.

    To download and reinstall HERE Drive+:

    • Go to Store on your phone and search for HERE Drive+
    • Tap Buy. You'll see a message saying you've already bought the app.
    • Tap Install.

  • What is the battery saver feature in HERE Drive?

    You can turn the battery saver feature on or off in Settings > Battery saver.

    When you're not using HERE Drive, remember to close the app properly by pressing the back key left to the Windows key.

    To see which apps are running in the background, long press the back button.

  • How can I prevent HERE Drive from using too much battery?

    To keep your phone battery from draining too quickly, it's best to connect the phone to an in-car charger when you're using HERE Drive.

    When you're not using HERE Drive, remember to close the app completely by pressing the back key to the left of the Windows key.

    To see which apps are running in the background, long press the back button.

    You can also turn on the battery saver: Settings > Battery saver. This will automatically switch off your GPS if HERE Drive is left running in the background when you're not using it.

  • After updating my Nokia Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1, HERE Drive stopped working. What can I do?

    You probably need to install the most recent version of HERE Drive on your phone. First, uninstall the app by long-tapping on the app name in the program list and selecting Uninstall. Afterwards, go to the Store, search for HERE Drive and install it again.

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