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  • Why can't HERE Drive find my location?

    Check that HERE Drive and your phone can use your location:

    In HERE Drive:

    • Tap Settings > Location and turn it on.

    In your phone settings:

    • Tap location and turn location services on.

    Other things to consider: GPS:

    • If you're indoors, go outdoors to get a better signal.
    • If you're outdoors, move to a more open space.
    • If the weather's bad, or you're behind a UV-protected or heated windscreen, signal strength may also be affected.
    • Make sure you're connected to the internet.


    Wi-Fi can help find your location when GPS isn't available. Be sure to turn on Wi-Fi in Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi networking.


    If neither GPS nor Wi-Fi can find your location, your cellular network can be used to help find you. Be sure you have a working SIM card in your phone and are connected to your cellular network.

  • How can I stop HERE Drive on Windows Phone from using my location?

    You can stop HERE Drive from finding your current location by tapping on Settings > Location.

    Note that to use the navigation in HERE Drive, location settings must be switched on.

  • Can I download maps and a voice for navigation for HERE Drive using a cellular connection?

    You can download small country maps also over your cellular connection, but for larger maps, you need to use Wi-Fi.

    If there's no map downloaded for your current location, it will be streamed over your cellular connection as needed.

    The navigation voice can be downloaded either over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

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