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  • How do I add a destination to my list of favourites in HERE Drive?

    To search for the place you want to drive to, use Set destination. If you've used HERE Drive before, you can also choose a place from your Recent destinations list.

    To save a destination as a favourite, tap the blue map pointer icon to the left of the address, and the star icon with the '+'. Don't tap the address itself: if you do, HERE Drive starts finding a route to the place.

  • How can I edit my favourites in HERE Drive?

    In your Favourites, long tap on an item you want to edit or delete. The edit menu will appear under the item.

    If you've synced your favourites with, you can also edit your favourites there.

  • Can I back up or sync my favourites in HERE Drive?

    Yes, your favourites in HERE Drive can be easily synced with Just go to Favourites and tap the sync icon.

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