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  • Where can I report problems with the map on my Windows Phone?

    If you already have a Map Reporter account, you can use that to report problems you find on HERE Maps ( If you don't have a Map Reporter account, you can use HERE Map Creator on

    HERE Map Creator lets you add streets and roads in more than 100 countries. You can also change the map and make corrections if you find something wrong.

    If it's not possible to make changes in your country using HERE Map Creator, first go to the place on the map where you want to report the problem. Then right-click and choose Report map changes from the menu. Finally, choose the type of problem or change you'd like to make, giving as much detail as you can.

  • How do I opt out from the Nokia Improvement Program with HERE Maps and Drive on my Windows Phone?

    Nokia Improvement Programme collects information about your phone and your use of the services to improve the products. You can opt out from the Nokia improvement program by disabling the following option:

    • Go to phone settings and select feedback to Nokia, scroll to the right and deselect Participate in Nokia Improvement Program.

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