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  • How do I add a favourite address as a Live Tile on my start screen in HERE Drive?

    Favourite addresses aren't automatically saved as Live Tiles. To choose which favourites appear on your start screen:

    • Go to your Favourites.
    • Tap and hold the place and select pin to start

  • How does HERE Drive switch between day and night mode?

    Night mode switches on around the time the sun sets at your location and day mode switches on around sunrise. Also, night mode will be switched on if you drive into a tunnel.

    If you want to disable the automatic mode switching, you can force the map to be in day or night mode in Settings > Map options > Colours.

  • If I continue to use the existing Nokia apps on my Windows Phone 8, can I still update the map and get new features in the future?

    You can still update your map, but you'll need to upgrade to the latest HERE apps to get any new features.

  • Can I use HERE Drive without a data connection?

    Yes. To use HERE Drive offline, tap the Internet connection tile or select Settings > Connection. You can then toggle between offline and online.

    Search results might be limited in offline mode. To be able to navigate offline, you need to download a map to your phone.

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