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  • Where does My Commute in HERE Drive get traffic info?

    Traffic info comes from many sources:

    Incident reports:'Incidents' can be anything from jams on motorways to planned roadworks. The reports often come from local authorities, such as the police or a traffic management agency.

    Traffic sensors: Many metropolitan areas have traffic flow sensors that measure the current average speeds on motorways and major roads.

    People like you: Incident reports are timely, but sensors focus mainly on major motorways. So we also rely on the wisdom of local people to help us get a picture of the traffic situation throughout the city. People who use HERE Drive or HERE Drive+ can also help by providing anonymous info about their current travel speed.

    Historic info: If sensors aren't giving us enough info, we can make relatively good assumptions about current traffic speeds based on historic info. Many city streets have very regular patterns, such as a traffic jam most mornings and fast-flowing traffic at night.

    Modelling: In many cases, it's possible to infer the overall traffic situation from partial info. If there's a heavy jam on a major road, for example, the adjoining side roads are probably also crowded.

  • Is My Commute traffic information always up-to-date in HERE Drive?

    In the HERE Drive application the traffic data is the most recent. However, in the Drive tile the refresh rate is controlled by the Windows Phone operating system and the traffic information on the tile may be out of date. By clicking the tile and launching HERE Drive, the Commute overview page is shown and the traffic data is immediately refreshed on the screen.

  • Do I have to be online to use HERE Drive's My Commute feature?

    Yes, My Commute requires a data connection to get traffic info and also requires a valid SIM card to be inserted into your device.

    Using services or downloading content may cause transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data traffic costs. To avoid data traffic costs, consider getting a data plan from your network service provider.

  • Why are my commutes in HERE Drive saved to my Nokia account?

    Your commutes are saved so that if you need to reset your phone, or you get a new phone with Windows Phone 8, you can restore your commute info.

    If you don't want to save your commutes to the cloud, in HERE Drive, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap Settings > My Commute, and switch Store in cloud to Off.

  • I don't want HERE Drive to sync my commutes with my Nokia account. What can I do?

    In HERE Drive, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, tap Settings> My Commute, and switch Store in cloud to Off. Note that if you don't save your commutes to your Nokia account, you can't restore your commutes if you reset your phone, or get a new Windows Phone 8 device.

  • Can I switch off My Commute recording in HERE Drive?

    You can switch off the My Commute feature by selecting Settings > My Commute and switch the slider to Off. By doing this, the recording will be stopped but you will also not get the benefit from the My Commute feature.

  • Why does the HERE Drive tile show My Commute information only at certain times?

    Commutes are shown based on the time window and your current location. The commutes are pushed to the tile only when the location and time are appropriate. E.g. if you are at home, you will not get those commutes pushed which normally start from work.

  • What happens with HERE Drive My Commute feature if the time and timezone are not correct in my phone?

    If the time or timezone is not correct, My Commute may start calculating your commute data too early or too late. To be sure that the commute data in the live tile is shown at right times, check that the time settings in your phone are correct.

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