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Speed limit warnings

  • Does HERE Drive give speed limit warnings?

    Yes. HERE Drive can warn you if you exceed the speed limit.

    If you exceed a certain maximum, speed, which you can specify, a visual warning is shown, and an alarm is sounded.

    The speed limit settings can be found in Settings > Speed limit.

  • Why does my phone sometimes beep when I'm using HERE Drive?

    If the speed limit warning is turned on, you'll hear an alert tone when exceeding the speed limit. In HERE Drive, tap Settings > Speed limit and adjust the speed limit warning settings in your Windows Phone.

  • Why is there sometimes no speed limit shown in HERE Drive?

    Speed limit info is provided for most larger roads, but on smaller streets, it may not be available.

  • How does HERE Drive tell me if I'm driving too fast?

    HERE Drive has a speed limit warning feature. If you exceed a certain speed, which you can set, a visual warning is shown and an alarm is sounded.

    The speed limit warning settings can be found in Settings > Speed limit:

    • Select Warning on to turn on the visual speed limit warning.
    • Select Play audio alert if you want to hear the alarm tone as well.
    • To set by how much you can exceed the limit before being warned, drag the Tell me if my speed exceeds the limit by slider. You can set separate limits for different speeds.

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