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Voice guidance

  • Can I use HERE Drive voice navigation through my car speakers or to a Bluetooth headset?

    Due to technical restrictions, the audio output for HERE Drive doesn't currently work with Bluetooth. You should use your phone's built-in speaker instead.

  • How do I get the street names announced in HERE Drive on my Windows Phone?

    The text-to-speech feature lets you hear the street names when navigating with HERE Drive. To use the feature, you need to install the correct speech support both at the operating system level and in the HERE Drive application:

    Installing speech support for operating system

    • Select Settings > Speech > Speech language.
    • Select and download the desired speech language.

    Installing speech support for HERE Drive

    • In Drive select Settings > Navigation Voice and select the desired voice pack where the description shows "announced street names".

    Note that you need to install first the operating system speech support before the corresponding Drive voice pack can be installed.

  • How do I download a voice for HERE Drive navigation to my Windows Phone?

    Select Settings > Navigation voice in HERE Drive.

    You'll also need to install a voice in your Windows Phone settings. Close the HERE Drive app and go to Settings > Speech > Speech language to download your desired voice and language.

  • How can I get voice-guided navigation with HERE Drive on my Windows Phone 8 device?

    In HERE Drive, select Options menu > Set destination, and search for a destination, or select one from your favourite or recent destinations.

    If you want, tap the route settings icon (it looks like a cog or a gear) and make changes. Tap Start.

    If you haven't already downloaded a map and voice for navigation to your phone, you can do both of those in Settings > Map options > Manage maps and Settings > Navigation voice, respectively.

  • How can I delete old voice guidance instruction in HERE Drive?

    If you want to delete the voice guidance files, you will need to uninstall and reinstall HERE Drive:

    • In the apps menu, tap and hold HERE Drive and select uninstall.
    • Start Store.
    • Reinstall HERE Drive from Nokia Collection or search for "HERE Drive".

    Note that you can have several voice guidance files downloaded on your phone and you don't need to delete them to start using another voice guidance. Simply select the desired voice guidance in Settings > Navigation voice. The size of the voice guidance file is relatively small (the size can be seen in the Download new menu). Having several voice guidance files on your phone shouldn't cause any issues with your phone's memory.

  • Even if I'm not using the voice guidance, it would be great if HERE Drive could still warn me if I exceed the speed limit. Can it do that?

    Yes, it can. Just make sure the GPS is turned on in your phone, and HERE Drive will track you on the map as you drive and give you speed limit warnings as well.

  • Can I listen to the previous voice command again in Drive?

    Yes. You can repeat the previous voice command by tapping on the direction arrow or on the info bar on top of the screen.

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