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  • How do I clear the search history in HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    To clear the search history in HERE Maps, tap Options (...) > Settings > clear history.

  • How can I view venue maps with HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    If indoor map of the venue is available, you can view it by tapping the grey building icon. To select the floor in the building, tap the floor icon in the map view. To view the details of a place inside the building, tap the desired place in the indoor map.

    To return back to the normal map view, tap the map area outside the building.

    Note that an online connection is needed to view the venue maps.

  • What can I do if I can't find an address or place in HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    If you have problems finding an address or place:

    • Check that the address is spelled correctly.
    • Try entering the first few characters of the place you're looking for and then choose from the list.
    • Check that you're online (i.e., that you have a data connection). Online search is quicker and more accurate than offline search.
    • The order of the search results is based on the distance from your current location. If searching for a place that's far away, use a more specific query.

  • How do I search for a place on HERE Maps?

    In the HERE Maps app:

    • Tap the Search icon at the bottom of the screen and search for your destination.


    • Tap the Places icon (next to the Search icon) to see what's nearby.


    • Select a place from your favourites (the star next to the Search and Places icons).

  • How do I access the Groupon deals with HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    You can find the Groupon Now! deals near your current or selected location in the following way:

    • Select places in Maps main menu to view the nearby places on the map. Select show categories to select the category of service you want to explore.
    • Look for the place icons on the map which show letter "G" in the top right corner of the icon, or in the place list, check for services showing letter "G".
    • Tap to open the place details.
    • Tap the link in the deal section to redeem the deal at the Groupon mobile site.

    The Groupon deals are available only in selected countries.

    If you have any questions of the offered deals, contact the Groupon support.

  • Why can't I see the street addresses with house numbers in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    To see house numbers, zoom in to street level.

    The house numbers can be seen in some cities, but not all. So if they're not there when you zoom in, there are no house numbers on the map for that city.

  • Can I see in HERE Maps which of my favourites are nearest to me?

    The favourites are shown on the map with star icons. To see the address of a place, select the star icon.

    To see a list of your favourites, along with info on how far they are from your current location, select the favourites icon on the toolbar.

  • How can I search in HERE Maps using geographic coordinates?

    Simply type or paste the coordinates in the search box. You can use any of these formats:

    • N 45'26'32" E 10'40'41"
    • 25 24 49.3 S 29 56 25.5 E
    • N57,555 E39,765
    • 40,676069 17,356254
    • 13.5957 100.6902
    • 49 16'792N 013 36'986E
    • N 52 30 2 E 13 23 56
    • 52 30 13 23
    • 50° 2' 50.915" N, 14° 20' 58.468" E

  • How do I clear the search history in HERE Drive on my Windows Phone?

    To clear the search history in HERE Drive, tap Settings > Clear personal data.

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