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Downloading maps

  • Do I need to download a map before I can use HERE Maps?

    Not if you're connected to the internet. But if you want to use HERE Maps without an internet connection, you'll need to download a map.

    To do that, open the HERE Maps app on your Windows Phone, swipe up and tap options icon (...) > download maps.

  • Does HERE Maps work on my phone?

    HERE Maps works on all phones with Windows Phone 8.

    If you have a Nokia Lumia phone, you already have HERE Maps on your phone.

    If you have an HTC or Samsung with Windows Phone 8, you can get HERE Maps free of charge in Store.

  • Do I need to download a map before I can use HERE Drive?

    No. However, using HERE Drive without an internet connection does require you to download a map for your area.

    To download a map, tap Settings > Map options > Manage maps. You can then add a map by tapping the + at the bottom of the screen.

  • How do I download a map to my phone in HERE Maps?

    To download a map, Tap options (...) (you may need to swipe up to see it) and tap download maps. You can then choose to download new maps or update old ones.

  • What happens to my map if I restore my Windows Phone to factory settings (hard reset)?

    If you restore your phone's factory settings, your map will be erased, and you'll need to download it again. To do that, go to Download maps in HERE Maps or Manage maps in HERE Drive. You can also download the map in your phone Settings by swiping to applications, then choosing maps > download maps.

  • If I download a map in HERE Maps, will the map be available in HERE Drive and HERE Transit?

    Yes, the map will be available in HERE Drive and HERE Transit. All HERE apps use the same map.

  • How can I check which map version is installed for HERE Maps and Drive on my Windows Phone?

    You can see the currently installed map version in about menu.

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