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Syncing your phone with the web

  • Can I sync routes between and HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    Unfortunately, this isn't possible at the moment. However, you can sync your favourite places.

  • I updated HERE Maps to 3.5. Where are my favourites?

    In HERE Maps 3.5, you can create collections for your favourite places, just like music playlists. In HERE Maps, tap the favourites icon to see your collections. If you haven't added a place to any collection yet, you can find it in the Unsorted collection.

  • When I search for a place using HERE Maps, how do I know if I've saved the place in a collection?

    After searching for a place, when you see your search results on the map, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see the results list. If there's a star next to the place, then you've saved it as a favourite.

    To see which collection or collections the place is saved in, tap the place in the search results. Under manage collections, you can see the collections the place is in.

  • When I view a collection on the map in HERE Maps, why are there 2 types of icons?

    When you view a collection on the map, the places in that collection are shown as blue place markers. Places marked with stars are places in your other collections.

  • Can I add a favourite to more than one collection in HERE Maps?

    Yes. When adding a favourite place to a collection, simply tap the checkboxes for all the collections you want the place to be in.

  • Can I sort the places I've collected in HERE Maps?

    Yes. There are several ways you can sort the places in your collection so you can find what you want more easily. In HERE Maps, tap the favourites icon. Tap the collection you want to sort, tap the sort icon at the bottom of the screen, and select from the following:

    • To sort places alphabetically, tap name.
    • To sort places by their distance from your current location, tap distance.
    • To sort places into places, such as restaurants and shops, and addresses, tap places.
    • To sort places by category, tap category.

  • Can I move a favourite from one collection to another in HERE Maps?

    Yes. Here's how:

    1. Tap the favourites icon.
    2. Tap the collection from which you want to move your favourite place, and tap the place.
    3. In the about view, tap manage collections, and select the collection to which you want to add your favourite place.

  • How can I sync the favourites in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    You can sync your favourites with either automatically or manually. We recommend automatic syncing, but if you have limited data on your phone you may prefer manual.

    Automatic sync:

    To enable automatic sync, go into the HERE Maps app on your Windows Phone 8, swipe up and tap options (...). > settings > Synchronise favourites automatically > On.

    Manual sync:

    If Synchronise favourites automatically is turned off, you can sync your favourites by selecting options > sync in the favourites menu or by selecting a collection and tapping the sync icon.

  • Can I sync my Nokia Maps favourites from my Symbian phone to my Windows Phone?

    Yes. Just sync the favourites on your Symbian phone with See the user guide of your Symbian phone for info on how to do this.

    Your favourites in are automatically synced with your Windows Phone, if you're signed in to your Nokia account with your phone.

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