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  • Can I use walk navigation in HERE Maps for driving?

    Walk navigation doesn't work when your speed exceeds 30 km/h. Also, walk navigation is optimised for walking - it doesn't take into account, for example, one-way streets. When you need instructions for driving, select car mode in route details and launch HERE Drive by selecting start navigation.

  • Why can't HERE Maps find my location?

    Check that you've allowed HERE Maps and your phone to find your location.

    In HERE Maps

    Go to Settings in the HERE Maps app and turn on ** Use your location**

    In your phone settings

    In your phone's main menu, tap Settings > location > on.

    Things that can affect your GPS signal may include: being indoors, tall buildings, poor weather and some car windscreens. You'll also get a better fix on your location if you've got a data connection.

  • How do I share a place with my friends in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    You can share a place in the following way:

    • Search for the place or long press a place on the map.
    • Tap the place icon to view the place details.
    • Tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen.
    • Select the way you want to share the place:

      • email
      • messaging (SMS)
      • post a message (social networks)

    Your friends can view the place in their web browser by opening the link included in the message.

  • After updating my Nokia Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1, HERE Maps stopped working. What can I do?

    You probably need to install the most recent version of HERE Maps on your phone. First, uninstall the app by long-tapping on the app name in the program list and selecting Uninstall. Afterwards, go to the Store, search for HERE Maps and install it again.

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