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Writing reviews and adding photos

  • How do I add a photo of a place in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    To add a photo of a place:

    • Tap on a place on the map
    • Swipe left or right until you see the photos screen.
    • Tap add a photo.

  • How do I add or manage favourites in HERE Maps on my Windows Phone?

    You can see your favourites and collections by tapping the ** favourites** (star) icon in the main menu of HERE Maps.

    To add a place to your favourites:

    • Search for a place.
    • Tap the place icon to view the place details.
    • Tap the add-to-favourites [plus-and-star icon] icon.
    • Change the name of the favourite (if desired) and then confirm.
    • Select the collection where you want to save the favourite.

    To remove a place from your favourites:

    • Tap the favourites icon in main menu and select the collection to see your favourites.
    • Tap the place to be removed.
    • Tap the unfavourite (star-and-minus) icon.

    To see your favourites on the map (marked by a yellow star), select Settings > Show favourites on map.

  • How do I rate or review a place in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    To rate and review a place:

    • Tap the place you want to rate.
    • Swipe left or right until the reviews page becomes visible.
    • Tap add a review.
    • Tap how many stars you want to give the place and write a short review. (A review of at least 20 characters is needed before you can submit.)
    • Tap the upload icon (it looks like a speech bubble).

  • Is there a size limit for the photos I add to a place in HERE Maps for Windows Phone?

    No. Your photos are automatically adjusted to the right size when they are uploaded.

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