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  • Why isn't HERE Transit available in my area?

    The HERE Transit service is available in selected cities and regions. New areas are constantly being added.

    To check whether your area is supported, select the options icon at the bottom of the screen, then select Coverage.

  • Does HERE Transit work on my phone?

    HERE Transit works on all phones with Windows Phone 8.

    If you have a Nokia Lumia phone, you may already have HERE Transit installed. If not, you can download and install it free of charge from Store.

    If you have an HTC or Samsung with Windows Phone 8, and you live in the US, UK, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, or Mexico, you can download and install HERE Transit free of charge from Store.

    If you have an HTC or Samsung with Windows Phone 8, and you live in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, China, or Russia, you can buy HERE Transit from Store.

  • Do I have to pay for using HERE Transit?

    No, HERE doesn't charge you for using the app. However, an internet connection is required (data connection charges may apply).

  • Does HERE Transit save my search history?

    Yes. If you want to delete your search history, in the HERE Transit main view, go to O ptions > Settings > Clear history.

    Your search history is stored only in your phone. HERE doesn't monitor your search history or use the info in any way.

  • How does the HERE Transit know my position?

    HERE Transit has four ways of finding your location:

    • GPS (phone must have GPS turned on).
    • Assisted GPS (phone must have GPS turned on and be connected to the internet).
    • Network-based (SIM card must be in the phone and connected to a network).
    • Wi-Fi (must have Wi-Fi turned on).

  • How do I know which version of the HERE Transit app I have on my phone?

    To see your app version number, go to Options > About.

  • How do I switch between kilometres and miles in HERE Transit?

    Tap the option icon and then the settings item. Under Units, select the measurement unit you want.

  • Why don't I have the LiveSight option available in HERE Maps, HERE Drive or HERE Transit on my Lumia 520, 521, 525, 526 or 625?

    The LiveSight feature in HERE map views is not available on Lumia 520, 521, 525, 526 or 625 because these phones don't have a magnetometer (compass). LiveSight works only on phones that have a compass.

  • Do I need to download a map to use HERE Transit?

    No, but downloading the map of the place where you want to use the app will reduce the amount of data you use, which could save you money.

  • If I download a map in HERE Maps, will the map be available in HERE Drive and HERE Transit?

    Yes, the map will be available in HERE Drive and HERE Transit. All HERE apps use the same map.

  • After updating my Nokia Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1, HERE Transit stopped working. What can I do?

    You probably need to install the most recent version of HERE Transit on your phone. First, uninstall the app by long-tapping on the app name in the program list and selecting Uninstall. Afterwards, go to the Store, search for HERE Transit and install it again.

  • In HERE Transit, can I see the stations and stops near locations other than my current one?

    Yes. You can move and zoom the map to find stations in any area, even if you're not there.

  • Why can't HERE Transit find my route?

    If you're having trouble getting a route:

    • Make sure the date, time and time zone on your phone are set properly.
    • Check that you've got a data connection.
    • A point in your route might be in a region where no transport info is available.
    • The route is too long. HERE Transit is designed for use with local city public transport, not national or international transport.

  • Can I save routes in HERE Transit?

    You can pin a journey from your current location as a tile to your Windows Phone start screen. Select the options icon at the bottom of the screen, and then the pin icon.

  • I'm connected to the internet, but HERE Transit still can't find me a route. What else could I do?

    If HERE Transit can't find any journeys, your phone clock may be wrong. To correct the date and time in your phone, exit the HERE Transit app and go to Settings > date+time.

  • What do I do if HERE Transit can't find my location?

    If it's proving difficult to find your location:

    • Check in your phone settings that you've turned on the location settings: Settings > system > location > on.
    • Try moving to a place with better GPS reception (e.g. outdoors).
    • Check also that the location setting is turned on in HERE Transit: Options > Settings > Use my location > On.

    If you are still having trouble, type your starting address.

  • How do I pick a start point from the NEARBY screen in HERE Transit?

    Tap and hold a station or stop in the list, and tap plan journey from here.

  • Can I use HERE Transit to provide driving directions for part of my journey?

    No, HERE Transit suggests journeys based on public transport and walking only. Walking speed is used to find journeys to or from bus stops or stations.

  • If I am indoors and cannot get a GPS position, can I still plan a journey with HERE Transit?

    Yes, you can clear the current position field and select your starting point manually.

    Note that if you have Wi-Fi positioning or network positioning enabled on your phone, HERE Transit may find your current position even indoors.

  • How do I switch between kilometres and miles in City Lens?

    Select ... > settings > distance unit.

  • I can see the public transport route but no departure and arrival times in HERE Transit. Why?

    Timetable info is not available in your city. HERE Transit can still provide estimated public transport routing based on estimated departure and arrival times.

  • What can I do if the public transport info in HERE Transit is wrong?

    All public information that is used by the HERE Transit service is provided by the local transport authority.

    Transport authorities vary in how quickly they add the latest transport disruptions. If you think the information has not been updated, check back later.

  • Are the arrival and departure times in HERE Transit in real-time?

    In some cities, the schedules are updated with actual arrival times, but often the info is based on published schedules. Actual arrival and departure times may differ depending on traffic and other conditions.

  • Why are no departures showing for stations and stops nearby in HERE Transit?

    This can happen if the date, time or time zone on your phone is off by more than a few minutes. Check that you have the correct time and date settings.

  • How do I refresh the transport nearby list on HERE Transit for Windows Phone?

    The transport nearby list gets updated automatically when you move - there's no need to do anything.

  • How do I get walking instructions with HERE Transit on my Windows Phone?

    You get turn-by-turn instructions for the walking parts of your journey by tapping the walk directions and then selecting start navigation. HERE Maps will open and give you directions for making the next step of your journey on foot.

  • Can I change my walking speed in HERE Transit?

    You can set the walking speed in options > settings > walk settings > walking speed by selecting slow, moderate or fast speed. You can set here also the maximum walk distance in your routes.

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