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  • What can I do if the public transport info in HERE Transit is wrong?

    All public information that is used by the HERE Transit service is provided by the local transport authority.

    Transport authorities vary in how quickly they add the latest transport disruptions. If you think the information has not been updated, check back later.

  • Are the arrival and departure times in HERE Transit in real-time?

    In some cities, the schedules are updated with actual arrival times, but often the info is based on published schedules. Actual arrival and departure times may differ depending on traffic and other conditions.

  • Why are no departures showing for stations and stops nearby in HERE Transit?

    This can happen if the date, time or time zone on your phone is off by more than a few minutes. Check that you have the correct time and date settings.

  • How do I refresh the transport nearby list on HERE Transit for Windows Phone?

    The transport nearby list gets updated automatically when you move - there's no need to do anything.

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