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Cellar Restaurant


The Merrion Hotel Upper Merrion Street
South City Centre




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Cellar Restaurant
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  • 8 Reviews
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  • Cellar Restaurant

    Beautiful meal in lovely surroundings

    5.0 Provided by juliewht40 via TripAdvisor 2014-04-01 on April 1, 2014

    Cannot fault the restaurant at all. Staff very attentive and meal was excellent. I had the lamb and it came with a small lamb pastie absolute beautiful. For dessert we had the lemon tart with lemon... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Cellar Restaurant

    Hidden Gem

    5.0 Provided by onecork via TripAdvisor 2014-03-30 on March 30, 2014

    Quite simply service and food that sets the standard for how it should be done,without having to take out a mortgage to enjoy it. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Cellar Restaurant

    Fab Barand restaurant

    5.0 Provided by carol r via TripAdvisor 2014-03-23 on March 23, 2014

    This restaurant/bar is in the basement of the Merrion Hotel, and is mostly all brick and stone, even the curved ceilings. The bar staff were excellent, and offered our party (of 13) a separate room... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Cellar Restaurant


    4.0 Provided by Jilllian via TripAdvisor 2014-03-22 on March 22, 2014

    Great for a pre dinner drink. Very busy but what a great atmosphere. May try their restaurant in our next visit. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Cellar Restaurant


    3.0 Provided by Monica H via TripAdvisor 2014-03-14 on March 14, 2014

    Went here for a business lunch. The atmosphere was nice and our waitress was efficient and unobtrusive. Just what was needed .
    I found it was very expensive.
    I had tomato and mozzarella salad that... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Cellar Restaurant

    The Cellar Bar - Nice for a drink - not dinner with a group

    3.0 Provided by Tim_from_Saint_Paul via TripAdvisor 2014-01-09 on January 9, 2014

    Stopped at the Cellar Bar with my wife and two other couples (6 in total). The bar was nice, well appointed, and lively.
    We were seated at a table in a small alcove, which was fine. The food was... See full review on TripAdvisor


  • Cellar Restaurant
    5.0 Provided by ianmccaul via Qype 2010-07-03 on July 3, 2010

    This is one of the unsung stars of eating in Dublin. Not exactly cheap but still fair value for really excellent food. Damien and the front of hous... See full review on Qype

  • Cellar Restaurant
    4.0 Provided by sophie_menton via Qype 2009-02-11 on February 11, 2009

    The best time to go to the Cellar is definitely for Sunday lunch. The food is really good, although its a bit on the pricey side, and if lunch does... See full review on Qype

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