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8 Poolbeg Street
South City Centre




Website for Mulligan's
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  • Mulligan's

    No frills Dublin pub

    4.0 Provided by chepaddy via TripAdvisor 2014-07-28 on July 28, 2014

    Cross over O'Connell Bridge to the south side, walk down a few yards down the Quay and turn down Tara street. Poolbeg street is in the right.
    Solid Dublin pub near the Irish Times building. Some... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Mulligan's

    Great for after work pints

    4.0 Provided by Mark M via TripAdvisor 2014-07-28 on July 28, 2014

    Poolbeg street is a bit of an anomaly in the centre of Dublin. Owing to very little traffic passing by the pub tends to overflow onto the street with the slightest bit of good weather which adds to a... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Mulligan's

    It's the genuine article

    4.0 Provided by Endecot via TripAdvisor 2014-07-27 on July 27, 2014

    I've been going to Mulligans for years. It's a real Dublin pub.No frills, no music,no stupid football on the telly; just good conversation and a nice crowd usually. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Mulligan's

    Like going down your local

    4.0 Provided by VoyagerJC via TripAdvisor 2014-04-20 on April 20, 2014

    Great traditional Irish pub, the only thing missing was sawdust on the floor! Easy to forget the time as you can sit and sip your Guinness among the locals. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Mulligan's


    5.0 Provided by tobias_abel via TripAdvisor 2014-01-12 on January 12, 2014

    It is a little bit off the path, but then... not really off the path. If you don"t know it, you would not suspect it to be there. It is the quintessential Irish pub, probably the best I've been in... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Mulligan's

    tourists beware

    5.0 Provided by jimmy b via TripAdvisor 2013-11-09 on November 9, 2013

    Had Guinness at Mulligans on our regular monthly trip. It was sour & told the barman. After some discussion it was replaced but done with such bad grace that we left. We went for some excellent and... See full review on TripAdvisor

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