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The Cellar Restaurant


The Merrion Hotel Upper Merrion Street
South City Centre




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The Cellar Restaurant
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  • 6 Reviews
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  • The Cellar Restaurant

    Great food, amazing service

    5.0 Provided by Domiak via TripAdvisor 2014-11-17 on November 17, 2014

    Classy place, seasonal food only so you understand it is top quality (even if limited choice). Service simply amazing. Great choice of wine. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • The Cellar Restaurant

    Food was good, service was average at best

    3.0 Provided by rab-pgh via TripAdvisor 2014-11-13 on November 13, 2014

    We primarily had the breakfast buffet and it was good. Server was slow at times, even when we requested something (for example coffee). Hotel staff was generally extremely nice and helpful, seemed... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • The Cellar Restaurant

    White, But Not Starchy

    4.0 Provided by IndophileWorcester via TripAdvisor 2014-11-04 on November 4, 2014

    We stayed in the hotel, so we had dinner, lunch and breakfasts here.
    Dinner: a nice meal from a fairly conservative menu, in pleasant surroundings (the white-plastered arching vaults of the... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • The Cellar Restaurant

    Lovely bar food and service

    5.0 Provided by shelly-ann via TripAdvisor 2014-11-01 on November 1, 2014

    Dined here tonight for tea. Had fish and chips. Even though it is 20 euros its well worth money. Really delicious and home cooked. Excellent service from Phil, Peter and Chris..all very friendly... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • The Cellar Restaurant

    The food here is above the normal bar meal

    4.0 Provided by Gary C via TripAdvisor 2014-10-26 on October 26, 2014

    A pleasantly relaxing atmosphere enhanced by the stone walls and brick arched ceilings, we were here for lunch the menu provides a selection of well cooked well presented courses served by impeccably... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • The Cellar Restaurant

    Great choice of fresh salads!

    5.0 Provided by activenretired via TripAdvisor 2014-10-13 on October 13, 2014

    Looks like a pub, but food is definitely not pub food! Good service. Reasonable prices. Kitchen is pretty quick getting food out. See full review on TripAdvisor

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