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Galärvarvsvägen 14
SE-115 21 Djurgården




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  • Vasamuseet


    4.0 Provided by MariDora via TripAdvisor 2014-04-14 on 14 April 2014

    get the free tour included with the ticket worth it, also try watching the small film at ground floor See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    Lucky to be there!

    5.0 Provided by Hadwa via TripAdvisor 2014-04-14 on 14 April 2014

    The museum was an interesting experience! Historical and interactive, explaining all about The Ship that sank for about 300 years and still 95% of its wood is original. It just takes you back in... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    There can only be one Vasa

    5.0 Provided by BarneyO via TripAdvisor 2014-04-14 on 14 April 2014

    The unique circumstance behind the the 1628 sinking of the warship Vasari makes this absolutely one of a kind. The entire vessel was preserved by the cold Swedish waters in very good condition. This... See full review on TripAdvisor


  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by Mondbaerli via Qype 2012-09-05 on 05 September 2012

    Absolutely great!!!!!!!!! Plan to stay half a day!! Take one of the free tours or take the free audio guide (you can also download mp3 files via wi... See full review on Qype

  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by inspirationjunkie via Qype 2011-08-09 on 09 August 2011

    Oh, what a mighty gallion! What a mouth-gaping joy to have her proudly displayed on the island of Djurgården. The museum displays the only almost ... See full review on Qype

  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by fineschmeckerin via Qype 2011-08-07 on 07 August 2011

    This is like visiting the Eiffel tower in Paris! It s a must, it s a great museum where you learn all kinds of things around the period when the sh... See full review on Qype

  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by VanWinkle via Qype 2011-07-17 on 17 July 2011

    Absolutely worth to visit. Take the boat for 10 Euros to get there. Free Wifi at the bus station nearby. See full review on Qype

  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by madz widen via Qype 2011-05-30 on 30 May 2011

    The Vasa was a gallion, built to impress, intimidate and generally be a nuisance to itself way back when we Swedes were bullying people around on t... See full review on Qype


  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by N. Kaplan via HERE 2012-08-25 on 25 August 2012

    One of the best cultural places in Stockholm, a must see.

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Opening hours
10am-5pm & to 8pm Wed Sep-May, 8.30am-6pm Jun-Aug
adult/child Skr95/50, Stockholm Card free

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