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Sights & Museums
Sights & Museums

Galärvarvsvägen 14
SE-115 21 Djurgården




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  • Vasamuseet

    Much more interesting than I expected.....

    5.0 Provided by 481Meg via TripAdvisor 2014-07-30 on 30 July 2014

    We went to this Museum because it was one of the attractions that is on the circuit.
    I soon realised that it was one of the most fascinating museums on offer. Being purpose built the long line of... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    Great piece of history - interactive exhibits

    5.0 Provided by Marissa S via TripAdvisor 2014-07-29 on 29 July 2014

    Educational and amazing of the entire family. They included a new corner where you can use computer models to try and keep the ship from sinking and it was easy to use as it had a number of... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    WOW - Absolutely Fabulous

    5.0 Provided by Julia908 via TripAdvisor 2014-07-29 on 29 July 2014

    I have wanted to see this ship for years and my visit wasn't disappointing. Its not just an amazing 400 year old wreck recovered from the Baltic, but an amazing insight into 17th century Sweidsh... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    Breathtaking look at a ship from the 1600's

    5.0 Provided by MA1900 via TripAdvisor 2014-07-28 on 28 July 2014

    Just setting my eyes on this ship ignited my imagination. It brought to mind visions of what it looked like in the water at the times. The engineering knowledge and attention to aesthetic details is... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    It never fails

    5.0 Provided by Pahkina2003 via TripAdvisor 2014-07-26 on 26 July 2014

    Have been to this museum with my family half a dosen times. It never fails. An absolute must on a hot summers day. See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Vasamuseet

    Vasa Museet

    4.0 Provided by AllieMB via TripAdvisor 2014-07-24 on 24 July 2014

    Visited the Vasa Museet last May. Amazing museum dedicated to the ship Vasa that sunk in 1628, and was lifted from the harbor, brought back to shore and restored 300 years later. The entire ship is... See full review on TripAdvisor


  • Vasamuseet
    5.0 Provided by N. Kaplan via HERE 2012-08-25 on 25 August 2012

    One of the best cultural places in Stockholm, a must see.

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Opening hours
10am-5pm & to 8pm Wed Sep-May, 8.30am-6pm Jun-Aug
adult/child Skr95/50, Stockholm Card free

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