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  • Accident
    between SC-277/I De Quincey Newman Fwy and SC-277/I De Quincey Newman Fwy, accident
  • Accident
    between Yancey Rd and Yancey Rd, accident
  • Accident
    Accident: Lawnmeadow Dr, between Reames Rd and Reames Rd
  • Accident
    between Huntley Pl and Huntley Pl, accident
  • Construction
    between I-77/Exit 76a and Road 53/Exit 82, roadworks
  • Construction
    between I-85/I-85-br/Exit 121/Exit 218 and Wendover Ave/Exit 214, construction work
  • Accident
    between Randy Dr and Randy Dr, accident
  • Accident
    Accident: Morel Ave, between Durand Rd and Durand Rd
  • Construction
    between Road 53/Exit 82 and Road 53/Exit 82, roadworks
  • Accident
    Accident: Airport Rd, between Hillcrest Ave and Hillcrest Ave
  • Accident
    between Chenango Dr and Chenango Dr, accident
  • Accident
    between Farrior Dr and Farrior Dr, accident
  • Accident
    between Madison Park Dr and Madison Park Dr, accident
  • Accident
    between Central Ave and Central Ave, accident
  • Accident
    Accident: Suther Rd, between Old Concord Rd and Old Concord Rd
  • Accident
    Accident: Mountain Shoals Rd, between US-221 and US-221
  • Construction
    Construction work: Double Oaks Rd, between Samuel St and Horne Dr
  • Construction
    between Clemson Rd/Exit 80 and Clemson Rd/Exit 80, construction work
  • Construction
    between Howie Cir and Curtiswood Dr, closed due to roadworks
  • Construction
    Construction work: Glendon-Carthage Rd, between Carbonton Rd and Siler City Glendon Rd
  • Construction
    between Old Camden Rd and New Salem Rd, closed due to roadworks
  • Accident
    Accident: Alpha St, between Marney Ave and Marney Ave
  • Construction
    between New Salem Rd and Old Camden Rd, closed due to roadworks
  • Accident
    between Tryon St and Tryon St, accident
  • Accident
    between I-77/Reames Rd and I-77/Reames Rd, accident
  • Construction
    Construction work: Corban Ave SW, between Cabarrus Ave W and Scott St SW
  • Construction
    between King-tobaccoville Rd/Exit 123 and King-tobaccoville Rd/Exit 123, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Stafford Mill Rd, between NC-68 and Alcorn Rd
  • Construction
    between Statesville Blvd/Mahaley Ave and Sells Rd, closed due to roadworks
  • Construction
    Construction work: Harmony Grove Rd, between Deer Park Rd and Gaddy Rd S
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Fairfax Rd, between Hilltop Rd and Roland Rd, closed
  • Construction
    Construction work: Caldwell Rd, between University City Blvd and Harrisburg Industrial Park Dr
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