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  • Construction
    between Saw Mill Rd and Mossey Ln, construction work
  • Construction
    between I-93/US-1/RT-3 and Callahan Tunnel/Sumner Tunnel, roadworks
  • Construction
    between CT-17/Exit 7 and West Rd/Exit 12, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between Allyn St/Exit 89 and CT-12/Exit 86, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between US-3/Lowell Conn/Exit 35/Exit 36 and RT-110/Chelmsford St/Exit 34, construction work
  • Construction
    between US-5/CT-2/Main/River Dr/Exit 90 and Lawrence St/Silver Ln/Exit 91, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between I-91 and William H Putnam Memorial Brg, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between Wassuc Rd/Thompson St/Exit 11 and CT-94/Hebron Ave/Exit 8, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between US-1/Exit 85 and Allyn St/Exit 89, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between CT-99/Exit 24 and CT-3/Exit 25/Exit 26, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between Main St and William H Putnam Memorial Brg, maintenance work
  • Miscellaneous
    between Exit 40a and Exit 40a, closed
  • Construction
    between RT-111/Indian Rock Rd/Exit 3 and RT-102/Nashua Rd/Exit 4, long-term roadworks
  • Construction
    between RT-111/Indian Rock Rd/Exit 3 and RT-111/Indian Rock Rd/Exit 3, long-term roadworks
  • Construction
    between Flatbush Ave/Exit 45 and Prospect Ave/Exit 44, construction work
  • Miscellaneous
    between New Chardon St and New Chardon St, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Asylum St/Capitol Ave and Asylum St/Capitol Ave, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between RT-1a/Exit 24 and RT-1a/Exit 24, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Asylum St and Asylum St/Capitol Ave/Exit 48, slip roads closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Exit 29b and Exit 29b, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Exit 29a and Exit 29a, closed
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