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  • Construction
    between VA-650/EXIT 48 and VA-40/EXIT 42, construction work
  • Construction
    between VIRGINIA WELCOME CENTER and VA-903/EXIT 4, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Cople Hwy, between Prospect Hill Rd and Neenah Rd
  • Construction
    Construction work: Dry Bridge Rd, between Morgantown Rd and Country Ln
  • Construction
    between VA-656/EXIT 86 and VA-73/PARHAM RD/EXIT 83, construction work
  • Disabled vehicle
    Broken down vehicle: I-64, VA-106/EXIT 211
  • Construction
    Construction work: EXIT 75, EXIT 75
  • Construction
    between VA-5/NEW MARKET RD/EXIT 22 and US-360/MECHANICSVILLE BYP/EXIT 37, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-134/MAGRUDER BLVD/EXIT 262 and HAMPTON RDS CENTER PKY/EXIT 261, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-169/MALLORY ST/EXIT 268 and VA-105/FT EUSTIS BLVD/EXIT 250, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-234/EXIT 152 and VA-784/EB EXIT 156, construction work
  • Construction
    between RUSSELL RD/EXIT 148 and VA-619/EXIT 150, construction work
  • Construction
    between MIDTOWN TUNL (EAST) and MIDTOWN TUNL (WEST), roadworks
  • Construction
    between VA-403/GREENWICH RD/NEWTOWN RD and I-64/EXIT 14, construction work
  • Construction
    between I-64/EXIT 14 and VA-141/EFFINGHAM ST/EXIT 7, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-141/EFFINGHAM ST/EXIT 7 and I-64/EXIT 14, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Russell Rd, I-95
  • Construction
    Construction work: Loafers Oak Rd, between Hollybush Rd and New Design Rd
  • Construction
    between I-64 and VA-22/LOUISA RD, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Lebanon Rd, between Rocky Bottom Rd and Southwark Rd
  • Construction
    Construction work: Taylorsville Rd, between Old Ridge Rd and Binns Rd
  • Construction
    between US-15/JAMES MADISON HWY and US-15/JAMES MADISON HWY, long-term roadworks
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