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  • Accident
    between I-680 and I-680, accident
  • Construction
    between Baywood Dr and US-101, bridge maintenance work
  • Accident
    between Center Ave/Pine St and Center Ave/Pine St, accident
  • Construction
    between Heather Hts Rd and Redwood Gulch Rd, construction work
  • Construction
    between 4th St/5th St and Treasure Island Rd, roadworks
  • Miscellaneous
    between Tantau Ave and N Wolfe Rd, closed
  • Construction
    between Homestead Rd and Homestead Rd, maintenance work
  • Construction
    between Riego Rd and Riego Rd, construction work
  • Accident
    between Country Club Blvd and Country Club Blvd, accident
  • Miscellaneous
    between French Camp Rd/Exit 246 and French Camp Rd/Exit 246, exit slip road closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Lombard St and Columbus Ave, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between Redwood Rd/Trancas St and Redwood Rd/Trancas St, exit slip road closed
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Brown St, between 3rd St and 2nd St, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    between I-5/W Charter Way and I-5/W Charter Way, exit slip road closed
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Summit Rd, between Loma Prieta Ave and Soquel San Jose Rd, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: US-101, between FAIRVIEW AVE/EXIT 326B/EXIT 326C and FAIRVIEW AVE/EXIT 326B/EXIT 326C, closed
  • Construction
    between San Pedro Terrace Rd and Linda Marr Blvd, roadworks
  • Miscellaneous
    between 29th Ave and 29th Ave, entry slip road closed
  • Construction
    Construction work: Spear St, between Market St and Mission St
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: 2nd St, between Coombs St and Main St, closed
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Summit Rd, between Highland Way and Loma Prieta Ave, closed
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