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  • Construction
    between COUNTRYSIDE BLVD and CR-576/SUNSET POINT RD, construction work
  • Accident
    between A D MIMS RD and A D MIMS RD, accident
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Veterans Expy, SR-580/HILLSBOROUGH AVE/EXIT 4
  • Construction
    between US-92/DALE MABRY HWY and ANDERSON RD, construction work
  • Construction
    between GOOD HOMES RD and SR-408/EAST-WEST EXPY/N CLARKE RD, construction work
  • Accident
    Accident: Ficquette Rd, Hancock Dr
  • Accident
    between VALRICO RD and VALRICO RD, accident
  • Construction
    between County Line Rd and Brinson Rd, construction work
  • Construction
    between CR-576/CR-589/MEMORIAL/SHELDON and CR-576/CR-589/MEMORIAL/SHELDON, construction work
  • Accident
    between CR-296/118TH AVE N and CR-296/118TH AVE N, accident
  • Construction
    between Country Club Dr and Princeton St, construction work
  • Construction
    between 15th Ave NE and 15th Ave NE, construction work
  • Construction
    between SR-544 and US-17-92/HINSON AVE E, closed due to roadworks
  • Construction
    between Bramblewood Rd and Martin Rd, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Lois Ave, between Carmen St and Cypress St
  • Construction
    between SR-426/CR-419/BROADWAY ST and SR-426/CR-419/BROADWAY ST, construction work
  • Construction
    between CR-4053/GRAND AVE and CR-4053/GRAND AVE, construction work
  • Construction
    between RAMP and RAMP, construction work
  • Construction
    between RAMP and RAMP, construction work
  • Construction
    between RAMP and RAMP, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: SR-39A, SR-39/BUCHMAN HWY/EXIT 21
  • Construction
    Construction work: I-4, COUNTY LINE RD/EXIT 25
  • Construction
    between S AVON PARK CUTOFF RD and SR-64/W MAIN ST, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Central Blvd, between Westmoreland Dr and Parramore Ave
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