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  • Disabled vehicle
    between VA-639/Exit 110 and VA-639/Exit 110, broken down vehicle
  • Construction
    between I-695/Baltimore Beltway/West Rd and I-695/Baltimore Beltway/West Rd, roadworks
  • Construction
    between Bethel Church Rd and Chesapeake City Rd, roadworks
  • Construction
    between Mussula Rd and Mussula Rd, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-7900/Exit 169 and VA-617/Backlick Rd/Exit 167, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-3000/Exit 158 and VA-123/Exit 160, construction work
  • Construction
    between I-495/Exit 18 and VA-123/Exit 19, construction work
  • Construction
    between US-15/James Madison Hwy and US-15/James Madison Hwy, long-term roadworks
  • Accident
    Accident: Waxpool Rd, between Smiths Switch Rd and Smiths Switch Rd
  • Construction
    between VA-7900/Exit 169 and VA-7900/Exit 169, construction work
  • Construction
    between I-95/I-495/Wb Exit 1/Eb Exit 170 and VA-236/Duke St/Exit 3, construction work
  • Construction
    between Crossing Pointe Dr and Camp Creek Pky, construction work
  • Construction
    between I-695/Beltway/Exit 64 and MD-43/White Marsh Blvd/Exit 67, construction work
  • Construction
    between Naylors Ln and Naylors Ln, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-234/Exit 152 and VA-619/Exit 150, construction work
  • Construction
    between VA-245/Exit 31 and US-15/Exit 40, construction work
  • Miscellaneous
    between Fort Mchenry Tunnel Toll Plaza and Fort Mchenry Tunnel Toll Plaza, incident
  • Construction
    between Airport Rd and Elementary School Cir, construction work
  • Construction
    between L St SE and K St SE, construction work
  • Construction
    between Old Portland Rd and Old Portland Rd, construction work
  • Construction
    Construction work: Somerset Ave, between Umes Blvd and Mt Vernon Rd
  • Construction
    Construction work: Cople Hwy, between Prospect Hill Rd and Neenah Rd
  • Construction
    between Gateway Dr and Hope Pky, closed due to roadworks
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Hunterstown Rd, between Smith Rd and Flickinger Rd, closed
  • Construction
    Construction work: L St SE, between 10th St SE and 11th St SE
  • Construction
    between US-15 and Pine St, closed due to roadworks
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Milnor Rd, between Williamsport Pike and Molly Pitcher Hwy, closed
  • Construction
    Construction work: Somerset Ave, between Mt Vernon Rd and Umes Blvd
  • Construction
    Construction work: Cedar Ln, between Rockville Pike and Elmhirst Pky
  • Construction
    Construction work: Cedar Ln, between Elmhirst Pky and Rockville Pike
  • Construction
    Construction work: Richmond Rd, between Shoff Rd and Myers Rd
  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous: Welsh Run Rd, between Fort Loudon Rd and Garnes Rd, closed
  • Construction
    between E St NW and I-395/Massachusetts Ave Nw, closed due to roadworks
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