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Fairchild Tropical Garden

Sights & Museums
Sights & Museums

10901 Old Cutler Rd
Coral Gables, FL 33156




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Fairchild Tropical Garden
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  • Fairchild Tropical Garden


    4.0 Provided by Gnurle via TripAdvisor 2014-11-19 on 19 November 2014

    Very nice and beautiful garden. It's possible to do a wonderful walk through the park. I liked the Rainforest Area very much. The Royal Palm Street is also very beautiful. We saw as well some snapper... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Fairchild Tropical Garden

    Nature lovers...don't miss this!

    5.0 Provided by TBuckman via TripAdvisor 2014-11-18 on 18 November 2014

    If basking in nature and expanding your knowledge and appreciation of makes places unique ecologically is what your travels are all about, or if you just need some peace and quiet during a visit to a... See full review on TripAdvisor

  • Fairchild Tropical Garden

    Much improved over the years!

    5.0 Provided by Steve P via TripAdvisor 2014-11-17 on 17 November 2014

    I have been to Fairchild gardens just after hurricane Wilma and due to the storms destruction the gardens suffered dramatically. Being an Arborist & Horticulturalist I recently had the opportunity to... See full review on TripAdvisor

Additional info

Opening hours
Mon-Sun: 09:30 - 16:30
adult/child/senior $25/12/18

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