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  • "HERE’s automotive services are uniquely synergistic. Its cloud offering effectively complements its edge play. HERE seamlessly connects the edge to the cloud through its intelligent in-vehicle software and its Open Location Platform, which enables and extends numerous global and diverse clients’ end-to-end solutions."

  • "HERE is redefining the value and nature of the embedded navigation map, building on its already powerful market position. The sharing of vehicle sensor data…is an industry breakthrough that also helps set the stage for automated driving — as does HERE’s HD Live Map. HERE is also finally realizing the dream of using the map as a sensor."

    • Strategy AnalyticsRoger LanctotAssociate Director
      February 7, 2017
  • "HERE, has transformed from a mapping and navigation platform to an ‘open location platform’ company, emerging as a clear winner in the location ecosystem. HERE’s biggest strength is its score of partnerships from component players, internet companies, technology companies to automotive OEMs."

    • Counterpoint ResearchNeil ShahResearch Director
      Location Ecosystem: Blue Ocean – From Two Sharks To A Whale & A SharkJanuary 27, 2017Download now
  • “Working with HERE powers our missing location component solution that allows us to scale globally. It aligns with our vision of expanding our connected car IoT services business outside Taiwan, utilizing HERE’s one global platform solution.”

    • Trans-IoT, a Foxconn Group SubsidaryKeanu LinGeneral Manager
      January 19, 2017
  • “For over 15 years, HERE has been a trusted global partner of geospatial map data and traffic services used to power many of the diverse industry leading products that Garmin offers. The combination of their high quality global digital maps and location centric services with a dedicated and supportive team of experienced industry professionals results in an overall value proposition that has been an important component to the ongoing success of our business.”

    • GarminDan BartelVice President Global Consumer Sales
      January 12, 2017
  • "A critical component for autonomy is digital mapping at several layers of definition better than at present available in your satellite navigation system. One key specialist company is HERE, jointly owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler, and is busy mapping cities to a fresh level of detail. HERE chief executive Edzard Overbeek envisages a world ­entirely captured digitally, with data fed to the car in real time so that the self-driving system can ­respond to conditions ahead, ­including weather. “We have one of the largest ­databases in the world,” Overbeek says. “We’re moving this from ­metres to centimetres precision.” The pressure is on to deliver."

  • “We chose HERE’s Mobile SDK for our super bikes for its rich features and functions, and because it provides us with the most powerful solution for our customers. With the recent launch of our next generation smart bikes, which provide turn-by-turn navigation using HERE Maps, we hope to take bike rides to the next level.”

    • LeEco SportsNicolas LiVice President
      January 9, 2017
  • "Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the otherwise so fierce competitors, joined together a year ago and bought Here, a producer of extremely accurate, digital maps that can compete with Google Maps. Matterr of expense: 2.6 billion euros."

  • “Today's maps will not be enough. With Here, we have secured an excellent partner for high-resolution maps. Since the whole world is once again photographed and filmed, that goes down to a precision in the centimeter range. This takes a long time, but by 2020, we certainly have a relevant amount of data.” Ola Källenius in Handelsblatt"

  • “In Finland, we are aiming at fast deployment of cooperative ITS (C-ITS) by utilizing our existing cellular infrastructure and connected mobile users, piloted in NordicWay project. During that project, HERE has demonstrated its strong foundation of location based services and capabilities to provide C-ITS solutions in line with government needs.”

    • Finnish Transport Agency (FTA) & Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi)
      January 8, 2017
  • "Because Mobileye and Here already do business with most major manufacturers, they appear well-positioned to market their map."

  • “Working with HERE across their portfolio helps us to provide the high quality digital map content, products and services that engineers, developers and GIS professionals need today.”

    • ADCi & ADC WorldMapJoe Roehl
      January 6, 2017
  • “We work with HERE because they provide a trusted, high quality and very rich data set with the country coverage required.”

    • MyDrive Solutions LtdDerrick GrayProduct Director
      January 5, 2017
  • “As ORTEC we want to empower organizations globally with mathematical optimization technology and advanced analytics to optimize the world. Our smart mathematical solutions enable many global leading customers to analyze and optimize their decision making in a rapidly changing world. HERE is a long term reliable ORTEC partner, providing us with consistent quality map solutions. HERE’s innovative map data and services are essential for our key optimization solutions and are very hard to find elsewhere.”

    • ORTECWouter LuijtenChief Product Officer
      January 5, 2017
  • "Here is one of the hottest names in mapping — for companies in the auto business, at least — since it’s one of the few good options they can get ahold of that isn’t controlled by a competitor. It essentially offers them an out from relying on Google and gives these companies the ability to control a relatively mature mapping platform’s development"

  • “These announcements are a major step forward for HERE as it has fixed its previously blank spot in China as well as added another major ecosystem and the global silicon leader to its stable. Furthermore, this will increase and enrich the data that is available to HERE to train its algorithms which should help it to make its services smarter and richer than those of its competitors.”

    • Radio Free MobileRichard Windsor
      HERE – Pole positionJanuary 1, 2017
  • “HERE is one of the few that has shown ground breaking progress over the last few days…the addition of Mobileye is a particular endorsement of its strategy as only 12 months ago, Mobileye was adamant that autonomous driving did not require a map. This embarrassing about-face gives HERE’s credibility another meaningful boost. HERE is now a credible threat to Google Maps.”

    • Radio Free MobileRichard Windsor
      CES Day 1/2 - Winners and losersJanuary 1, 2017
  • “VIA’s Traffic Solution Software has put a big step forward with the use of HERE Traffic Analytics Speed Data. We now help many road authorities in their task to increase road safety and usability. The data is absolutely marvelous.”

    • VIAErik DonkersDirector
      January 1, 2017
  • “DAT.Mobility has been using HERE road network data, Traffic Analytics and Traffic Patterns for many projects. These data sources have great value to provide our customers with high quality up-to-date and historical information about road traffic conditions and vehicle speeds. DAT.Mobility combines HERE data with other (big) data sources and modelling tools to add value for clients.”

    • DAT.MobilityPeter van der MedeBusiness Developer
      January 1, 2017
  • "The location ecosystem continues to evolve from two sharks HERE & Google to a Whale (HERE) and a Shark (Google) as HERE widens the gap with rivals. HERE’s biggest strength is its score of partnerships from component players, internet companies, technology companies to automotive OEMs."

    • Counterpoint Research
      Location Ecosystem - Blue Ocean- From Two Sharks To A Whale & A SharkJanuary 1, 2017Download now
  • “Always at the forefront of data, HERE has been a privileged and indispensable partner of GEOCONCEPT for many years. Here Map Data are essential for geomarketing studies, and Traffic Patterns Data that model road traffic every 15 minutes allow our Field Service Manager customers to be closer to the reality on the ground.”

      January 1, 2017
  • "HERE’s partnership with Tencent could be the start of a very interesting chapter for the Berlin-based mapping company with the Tencent hinting on using HERE data and services for ‘FourSquare-like’ location intelligence services."

  • "With that in mind, the deeper alliance with HERE has Microsoft appealing to developers of IoT tools since location intelligence is such an integral part of powering those services."

  • "At the same time, though, Here’s mapping data seems to have gained prominence in Microsoft’s backend. As Microsoft has moved deeper into new areas like AI, with Cortana, it has embedded Here location and mapping data into that, along with Bing Maps and other services; and it’s playing a significant role in Microsoft’s developer play powering the Bing Maps API in the Azure Marketplace."

  • “HERE continues to be an industry leader and geospatial innovator and by expanding our long-standing partnership with HERE, we will continue to bring benefits to our customers.”

    • MicrosoftJordi RibasCorporate Vice President, Bing Program Management
      December 15, 2016
  • “We have selected HERE for its accurate global map database, rich feature set, and right level of flexibility, which allows for easy implementation. HERE enables us to go to market faster and they provide continued excellent support.”

    • MAN Truck and Bus AGFrank TinschertVP Telematics and Digital Solutions
      December 14, 2016
  • "Here WeGo is perfect when you’re visiting a big city. It’ll help you navigate your way around without getting lost, with options for walking, driving, train, bus, and bike. You can download certain maps to use offline."

  • “such a system could be a key feature of autonomous driving technology which will require huge volumes of data to replicate a human’s anticipation and driving skills.”

    • Autocar
      December 8, 2016
  • “For the third year running HERE continues to outperform its competitors by providing superior levels of country coverage for both navigable maps, and indoor venues. Additionally, HERE provides superior hybrid offline functionality, and a comprehensive approach to supporting in-vehicle navigation."

    • Strategy AnalyticsNitesh PatelDirector
      Mobile LBS: Status Update and Platform AssessmentNovember 1, 2016Download now
  • “We are delighted to introduce HERE to our global marketplace for technology partners, and to connect HERE with our customers through the AliLaunch program."

    • Alibaba Cloud GlobalDajiang HANHead of Global Cloud Marketplace
      October 16, 2016
  • "The most complete platform in the market"

    • OvumNeha DhariaSenior Analyst
      Location Platform Index: Mapping and NavigationOctober 1, 2016Download now
  • "HERE has demonstrated that with its strong foundation, overlaid with tools and services designed specifically for the enterprise and automotive industry, it continues to be the most complete platform in the market."

    • OvumNeha DhariaSenior Analyst
      Location Platform Index: Mapping and NavigationOctober 1, 2016Download now
  • “HERE’s Open Location Platform – the next generation of the company’s location platform – is making waves by kick starting an industry wide collaboration in vehicle based sensor data. This data is the foundation on which services for smart cities and connected cars can be developed. HERE’s continued improvement of the HD Live Maps solution is also helping car manufacturers quickly automate the driving experience.”

    • OvumNeha DhariaSenior Analyst
      Location Platform Index: Mapping and NavigationOctober 1, 2016Download now
  • “HERE has a unique portfolio with a global reach across automotive, enterprise and consumer, with an agnostic experience across devices. It’s a perfect example of innovation and one that complements SAP’s product portfolio.”

    • SAPThorsten LeiduckGlobal VP ISV Ecosystem
      November 1, 2015