Field Service Management

Increase workforce productivity and improve customer service

Service industries are entering the IoT era where smart, connected products are integrated with field service delivery platforms. As businesses grow, they seek predictive visibility to optimize planning each day’s activities, retain customers and get more jobs done each day at lowest possible operational costs.


Maximize what your workforce can achieve

  • The HERE benefits

    Increased productivity

    Optimize field teams by leveraging the HERE suite of services for efficient routing and job sequencing. Advanced routing from HERE Technologies can also reduce operational costs by factoring in fuel and toll cost information.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Improved customer service

    Calculate, monitor, and dynamically communicate accurate ETAs based on routes and geofences, using real-time and predictive traffic conditions to meet SLAs.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Empower more complete field mobility

    Use HERE Mobile SDKs to build field solutions that provide field workers with multi-modal routing, voice-guided navigation, augmented reality, access to weather and traffic, and integration with back-end ERP systems.

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