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Location intelligence to map and analyze business data

Modern businesses are hungry for data and analytics that will improve and optimize decisions and performance. The HERE location platform can unlock the potential of data with a geographic component: identifying patterns, analyzing trends, and discovering areas of improvement that would have been easily overlooked with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tables and charts. HERE location technologies and analytics can bring the geospatial element into business analysis.


Location intelligence helps businesses answer any number of geospatial-related questions such as: “Where should we put our next store?”; “Where are my customers located and what are their buying patterns?”; “How do severe weather conditions in certain areas impact our customer behavior?”.
HERE Business Intelligence supports the growing importance of more advanced, predictive analytics in BI systems and offers rich, interactive visualizations. It allows businesses to manage and visualize data on our highly accurate maps to draw insights, identify areas of improvement, and enable streamlined operations.
Display information for any given region with geofenced boundaries to track assets, traffic and a variety of other use cases. Visualize map data and create charts to observe patterns and trends that affect business. Prospect customers based on location and market trends for more effective business development strategies.
Adding location intelligence also allows companies to do more with their existing data, as well as to combine it with other, separately sourced data, such as from social media feeds, to discover previously unknown patterns of behavior.

  • The HERE benefits

    Mapping and visualization

    Access the highly precise map data and intelligent services of HERE Technologies, enabling users to explore their business information on an interactive map.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Data enrichment

    Easy georeferencing of business datasets to analyze and optimize products and services across multiple geographies.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Spatial analytics

    Draw powerful insights by establishing a visual connection between tabular BI data and the map to make informed business decisions.

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