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You operate in a competitive, volatile and demanding environment and seek to succeed despite the challenges. You want to go to market with a strong product, delight your customers and keep them happy. We understand your needs and are committed to helping you win.

HERE Technologies brings together its location services into Mobility On-Demand, a simple, easy-to-use toolkit for on-demand app developers. We offer a new pricing plan that is designed to help you grow. We offer step-by-step guides to get you started immediately. And we offer continued excellent technical and customer support.

HERE Mobility On-Demand allows you to offer a consistent map experience with the same estimated times of arrival (ETAs) and routes shown across your consumer app and field app, and have your apps precisely locate your consumers.

If your customers are inside a venue and need to catch a taxi, guide them through the building to where their taxi will meet them. Have your automatic dispatcher select the best taxi driver, food runner or package courier for the job based on ETAs. Guide them through the city with traffic-enabled navigation, calculate accurate and up-to-date ETAs based on real-time traffic and traffic incidents in the city, and offer proximity alerts to your customers via their apps.

Plan your operations better with post-trip analyses and rich data visualizations that give you meaningful insights into supply and demand, resource allocation, capacity expansion and more.


  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Precise locations

    Add functionality into your app to precisely locate your passengers and customers so that your taxi drivers, food runners and package couriers know exactly where to go.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Accurate ETAs

    Set up your backend dispatcher to calculate accurate ETAs of your taxi drivers, food runners and package couriers and communicate them to your passengers and customers.

  • The HERE benefits

    Efficient dispatch

    Get your backend dispatcher to automatically pick the best taxi based on ETA and dispatch it to your passenger, empowering taxi drivers to operate efficiently and get more jobs done in a day.

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How HERE Technologies is enabling smarter transportation in the on-demand economy.

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How HERE Technologies is enabling smarter transportation in the on-demand economy.

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