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Add location precision to sharing-economy and on-demand services

We live in a world in which more goods and services are delivered on-demand than ever before. A variety of technological innovations and investments make these goods and services – significant and growing components in a global economy – available to consumers anytime and nearly anywhere. Transportation is a critical component of the on-demand sector across market segments such as on-demand personal transportation, on-demand delivery, on-demand freight movement, and on-demand home and business services. All of these sectors rely on fast, accurate, and robust mapping and location technologies to connect users with service providers.

For many on-demand companies, there are two key components to successful operations: first, the ability to effectively match supply with demand, and second, the ability to provide goods and services quickly and safely, whether by truck, car, bicycle, or a combination of mobility or logistics modes.


HERE has location tools that enable on-demand industries, from urban transportation services to food delivery apps, to maximize capacities and streamline their workflows from dispatch to final delivery. HERE provides for a unified customer experience for drivers and passengers across devices and operating systems, along with capabilities that precisely match drivers and passengers at pick-up and drop-off locations.

To further improve efficiency, HERE enables on-demand companies with the means to generate complex routing (e.g. drive-time areas and matrix of multiple routes) to further increase efficiencies, optimize processes, and have highly accurate ETAs to meet expectations. HERE even extends both the customer and driver experiences by completing journeys with pedestrian and multi-modal routing.

  • The HERE benefits

    Efficient dispatching

    Offer precise location information about the passenger’s pickup address and proximity of available drivers using intelligent methods. Rank location of available drivers based on actual drive times to destination while considering real-time traffic.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Reliable ETAs

    Improve customer service by monitoring and communicating accurate ETAs to customers using real-time traffic conditions and customizable geofences based on drive-time areas.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Increased efficiency

    Serve more customers each day using advanced routing with multiple inputs.



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