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Accelerate your fleet management solutions with HERE

Simple fleet tracking services are increasingly becoming commoditized, with low barriers to entry creating a challenging new competitive landscape. Tomorrow’s successful fleet management solutions will provide innovative, value-added services to fleet customers, enabling increased safety, better fleet utilization, and improved customer service.

Regulations, customer demands, and competitive pressures create constant challenges for fleet managers. Countless factors can affect fleet performance including: managing fluctuating fuel costs, vehicle maintenance cycles, driver performance, driver safety, time-sensitive deliveries, government regulations, and more.

Our enterprise-grade location platform services, plus rich map and traffic content drive the telematics-powered fleet management solutions that give fleet managers the insights they need to make informed and timely decisions. With HERE you’ll have everything you need to bring differentiated products to fleet customers quickly and easily.


Fleet management solution providers rely on our comprehensive portfolio of location services dedicated to improved fleet operations performance: fleet planning, fleet routing with turn-by-turn navigation, mobile dispatch, real-time tracking, and post-trip analysis.

HERE provides the full set of tools needed to enable fleet management solutions with location data; advanced algorithms for planning and routing that factor in real-time traffic conditions; truck profiles, legal and physical restrictions; and hundreds of other attributes. We also provide tools for post-trip safety analysis of driver behavior, and cross-platform mobile SDKs to build immersive, native experiences across mobile devices.

  • The HERE benefits

    Better Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs)

    Calculate better ETAs for customers with routing services that help them meet their service-level agreements for pick-up and delivery.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Improved safety

    Implement tools for real-time safety, such as traffic, weather, and speed-limit safety alerts, and accurately calculate driver behavior scoring, using maps and traffic for contextual analysis.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Cost and time efficiency

    Plan more efficient routes and optimize for route sequence, vehicle type, traffic and weather conditions, toll charges, and more.

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