Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Automation for a safer and improved driving experience

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help assist vehicle systems for a safer and improved driving experience. These systems help make the driving experience safer by supporting the processes that are often prone to human error, such as late braking or driving too quickly into a sharp curve. They can also provide alerts or warnings, to draw driver’s attention to an upcoming situation, such as a pedestrian zone or a stop sign.

Automakers utilize a wide range of data sources, including onboard sensors, radar and map content, to enable the vehicles’ ADAS functions such as adaptive cruise control, powertrain control, active lane assistance, and curve speed warnings. ADAS systems can utilize map content to provide the vehicle a detailed understanding of the road ahead, beyond the horizon. For example, when the vehicle is aware of an upcoming curve in the road, the speed can be adjusted before entering the curve and even before the driver starts steering into it.

The implementation of map-based ADAS applications today also serves as the foundation for highly automated driving, providing an easier transition – from both a technical and driver acceptance perspective – to the future world of driverless cars.


ADAS products and services from HERE Technologies help improve driver safety today and are advancing the development of highly automated driving.

  • Increase efficiency

    Improve vehicle fuel efficiency by reducing hard braking occurrences and engine performance through optimized powertrain control.

  • Increase safety

    Help drivers perform better and stay safe by assisting in complex maneuvers, such as automatic speed control, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking.

  • Improve driver comfort

    Reduce the “machine-feel” from automated vehicle functions to help increase driver trust.

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