Autonomous Driving

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Autonomous driving is no longer a dream for the future. The automotive industry is rapidly moving toward a world in which the vehicle is able to take increasingly more responsibility for driving maneuvers. However, like many in the industry, HERE Technologies anticipates that there will be a series of sequential steps towards full automation.

As increased driver assistance and automated features become more available in vehicles, convincing drivers to hand over control to the vehicle requires significant trust in the vehicle’s ability to successfully plan the right maneuvers and strategies.

While sensors, cameras and radar could enable a vehicle to drive itself, HERE Technologies believes it would yield a robotic behavior that would be unacceptable to drivers. Highly precise and dynamic maps have been identified as a key element to take the “machine nature” out of self-driving vehicles and as a critical asset to understand upcoming road conditions, enabling proactive rather than reactive driving strategies. Taken together, mapping assets can significantly influence driver acceptance and the overall progression toward fully automated vehicles.


The future of autonomous driving starts with HERE Technologies

  • The HERE benefits

    Increased safety

    Enables proactive strategy planning for vehicles by helping them know when and how to make the safest choices with HERE HD Live Map.

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    Builds trust

    Helps take the “machine-feel” out of vehicle automation to help increase driver trust with HERE HD Live Map.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Thinks ahead

    Provides critical near real-time information of dynamic events ahead – such as traffic and hazards – beyond the field of vision of the vehicle’s sensors and cameras.

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