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Multi-modal urban transportation options

Navigating the urban landscape is becoming more complex, with new modes of transport and rising expectations for speed and flexibility. At the same time, HERE Technologies believes that a new generation of location-based services will present more possibilities than ever before.


HERE Technologies is making urban mobility simple, seamless, and stress-free by using hallmark HERE features such as offline navigation to make getting around cities easier. New urban mobility options including bikes, taxis, and car clubs give consumers numerous ways of getting around, while online information such as real-time traffic and public transport information helps them to arrive on time and in a relaxed manner.

Urban mobility requires smooth navigation around the city regardless of transport mode, including seamless connectivity from one transit mode to another. HERE Technologies provides this through the provision of fare prices, directions, comprehensive traffic information, and pedestrian-specific instructions (such as locations of train platforms, elevators, and exits).

  • The HERE benefits

    Save time

    Always use the best route option across all modes of transportation to get to your destination on time.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Be flexible

    Understand all the transportation options available, combine multiple modes of transit, and have the ability to navigate completely offline.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Reduce stress

    Experience simplified urban mobility to help users arrive at their destination stress-free.

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