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Within the next five years, wearables will play a broader role in the field of connected consumer devices. The latest ABI Report states that in 2021 there will be over 800 million wearables, of which over 150 million will be smart watches. The key trends shaping wearables are lower-cost, miniaturized computational power, low power consumption, smart sensors including location sensors, and connectivity.

HERE technology enables wearables to be location-aware with mapping, routing, geocoding, search, navigation, traffic, or public transit services. HERE technology then provides more accurate and faster positioning of your wearables regardless of whether your device is GNSS-enabled, connected to a cellular network, or able to read surrounding Wi-Fi spots.


Location-aware wearables provide users with quick and deep real-time insights, such as current pace or distance run in fitness wristbands, or real-time location tracking for pet owners.

  • The HERE benefits

    Fast and accurate

    HERE technology allows fast and accurate positioning with online assistance data and decreased time to first fix, resulting in improved user experience and customer retention.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Highly reliable

    Wearables can be enabled with a wide range of location services, which keep them working offline as well as online.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Always-on positioning

    Find the location of your wearables even if they do not include a satellite receiver by using HERE Positioning to locate them anywhere in the world.

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