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Traffic congestion is increasing as populations shift to cities and more goods are moved from place to place, often resulting in decreased productivity, greater fuel consumption, and more pollution. Public transportation and traffic authorities have the responsibility to keep travelers safe and to make their trips efficient and reliable; this requires minimizing congestion and providing up-to-date information that people need to keep moving.

With more visibility into traffic data and analytics, public transportation authorities can gain greater awareness of each situation and can determine more cost-effective and targeted solutions to nearly any problem. HERE global traffic solutions are helping hundreds of city, state, and national governments across the world understand and mitigate vehicle and freight congestion. Specifically, HERE Technologies is helping by providing access to high quality real-time, predictive, and historic traffic flow and incidents, including innovative features such as split-lane traffic, reversible lanes, and traffic safety alerts.

With the broad reporting coverage and granular conditions, city operations groups can benefit from access to HERE real-time and predictive traffic flows and incident feeds, updated every second. HERE Technologies manages this by monitoring and validating inputs from multiple sources twenty-four seven, adding and removing traffic-impacting incidents such as accidents, closures, and planned construction.


HERE Technologies provides cities with flexible tools that offer them a crucial combination of information, accuracy and flexibility, which allows them to make better decisions for their citizens.

  • The HERE benefits

    Improved decision-making

    Make operational decisions based on accurate real-time and predictive data. Measure travel times and provide information to give travelers more realistic expectations.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Improve planning capabilities

    Analyze past traffic speed patterns and congestion to better understand how to mitigate future traffic conditions.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Enhanced performance measurement

    Get more detailed performance measurement capabilities with granular, rigorous quality and innovative traffic products from HERE Technologies.

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