Insurance Telematics

Improve safety and contextualize driver behavior

The rapid adoption of telematics is transforming the insurance industry, including the products and services insurers can provide their customers. Billions of probe data points with driver behavior and location information are becoming available from mobile apps, OBDII ports/dongles, and connected vehicles. By using this data to understand real-time risks, road risks, and driver-behavior risks, insurers can facilitate improved real-time safety and develop accurate and profitable Usage Based Insurance (UBI) products.

HERE Technologies enables real-time safety improvements through the use of our Geocoder to accurately locate vehicles and drivers for e-Call, b-Call, roadside assistance, and stolen vehicle tracking and recovery. Mobile apps built on HERE Mobile SDKs can generate real-time safety alerts based on traffic, weather, road conditions, and speed limits to inform the driver and influence safer driving.

Accurate driver behavior analysis is enabled by using HERE Route Match Extension for matching observed driver locations to actual roads traversed and detecting illegal maneuvers. HERE Map data, HERE Traffic data and HERE Platform Data Extension can be used for enabling contextual driver behavior analysis for the development of UBI products, by comparing observed driving behaviors against multiple road features and attributes.


HERE provides a wide variety of capabilities that deliver value to insurers and insurance telematics solution providers.

  • The HERE benefits

    Improved real-time safety

    Track and monitor the location of drivers and vehicles and push real-time alerts to drivers.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Better quantified risk

    Obtain more accurate driver behavior analysis with with route matching, and use map and traffic data to analyze contextual driver behaviour for more predictive risk calculation and scoring.

  • Discover the HERE benefits

    Driver feedback and value-added services

    Provide calculated behavioral scoring and post-trip driver feedback via a smartphone app to measure, analyze and visually display traversed routes. Increase customer engagement by providing mobile access to services that make customer journeys easier and more enjoyable.

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